Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Travel Light Connections: 5.0

There is a typo on page 45. Please read Haggai 1, not Haggai 2.

Here is my simple outline from page 45:
Haggai 1
A question:
verses 1-9a
Why aren't we prospering?
or Why isn't God blessing us?

An answer:
verses 9b-11
The temple is incomplete. You are distracted from your priorities.

A result:
verses 12-15 God's empowerment, the people's obedience

As you read about savoring the journey (which is my way of saying "meditation") remember that it is a tool. I suggest that you write "SAVOR" on a sticky note and put it on page 46. If you don't have time to savor a few verses on that day, move the sticky note to the next day. Try to make time to use one of the savoring methods some time this week.

Interested in the Only for My King book mentioned on page 103? It's a study of Christian heroes. It's here.

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