Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Claudia is at the hospital, cooperating with the Creator in bringing a new little person into the world.

Maura is getting a scan to see if her cancer has returned.

I'm at home, praying for both of them and editing a chapter on Fellowship. I kneel in front of my chair, scribbling in a notebook, checking Facebook (has that baby arrived yet?), and moving Fritz the cat each time I turn a page.

Thank you, God, for friends like Claudia and Maura. Thank You for the technology that keeps us all in touch. Thank You for Fritz--always ready and waiting for any attention I can spare. Thank you for this tea-colored chair and the rosebud tea precariously balanced on the arm.
This God, our God forever and ever— He will always lead us. (Psalm 48:14)
Thank You for leading us all through today.

I'm joining Micha Boyett's Thankful Tuesday

and L.L. Barkat's On, In and Around Mondays.