Only for My King book

Now available: a Bible study of Christian living and Christian heroes

Only for My King
a Song of Surrender

Do you need a hero? I'm not talking about a flying man in a mask, but someone whose life is a pattern of service and surrender to God. The news brings us reports of failures and villains every day, but patterns of goodness don't often make the headlines.

I'd like to introduce you to my heroes. I researched historical and present-day examples of faith and I noticed my friends following God in everyday choices. Neither historical nor contemporary Christians are perfect—they are ordinary people empowered by God.

In every chapter you will meet a Biblical example, a historical hero, a contemporary Christian and someone I know personally. These heroes are artists, poets, missionaries and mothers. Each of them will point you to Jesus—the only perfect hero.

You will read scriptures that assure you of the Lord's care and support, hum along with hymns that put scriptures into poetry and pray through Psalms that express the desires of your heart.

This book is not a call to lengthen your To Do List, but an encouragement to surrender each area of your life to your King, trusting Him to reshape you and empower you for His glory. I've used the old hymn “Take My Life and Let It Be” as a framework to pray through our lives, our duties and our talents as we surrender to Jesus Christ: the King we serve and the Friend we love.

...You serve the Lord Christ. (Colossians 3:24)

Suitable for group discussion or individual study, each chapter is divided into four daily readings. If you like a seven-days-a-week plan, check the appendix for an optional reading plan.

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