Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Travel Light Connections: Class Discussion 1.0

I'd love to connect with all of you who read Travel Light but aren't able to attend my class. I'm going to post very short thoughts on each daily segment of the workbook--the thoughts I might share in class. (Read about Travel Light here if you are new to this blog.)

Welcome! Thanks for joining me on this journey through God's Word. Please read the Introduction on page 3. Notice the Table of Contents on page 1, and the Appendix on page 89. You will be using the Appendix every week. Don't miss the Timeline on page 91 (you'll want to know how each book we read fits into the timeline) or the Soundtrack on page 92 (with my favorite recording of each hymn in the study).

Now turn to page 5 and open your study time with the prayer Psalms at the top of the page.

Read the rest of page 5, then turn to page 6 and 7. Follow the directions on those pages. I suggest reading the Local Color section in between Esther 1 and 2. I included an example of the kind of notes I take on page 7.  You might write a lot more than I do--or a lot less.

As you answer the questions, try to put aside what you may know of the rest of the story, and concentrate on what you read in chapters 1 and 2.

Today the verse that caught my attention was Esther 2:15: "Now Esther was winning favor in the eyes of all who saw her."

The Bible doesn't give us a lot of details about Esther, but it is obvious that she made the best of a situation that was out of her control. What do you think the character qualities of a woman who was "winning favor" might have been? (See what the word "favor" means here.)

I am sure you are wondering why you are reading Esther when the cover of this study says you are going to study the book of Mark. I gave you this week in Esther because I wanted you to begin your study with an adventure. I want you to see the value of reading the whole story.

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