Tuesday, January 7, 2014

As you begin to Travel Light

Travel Light is not a study that spends an hour on one verse, wringing out every detail of doctrinal detail and following every topic across the tapestry of the entire Bible. I enjoy those kinds of studies very much, but sometimes I need a break from having all the details handed to me. Sometimes I need to set out on my own journey through the scriptures. 

On the other hand, Travel Light is not a study that tells you to only read your Bible and avoid all the commentaries and resources that are available. The Bible is God's Word and the Holy Spirit will speak to you through it--but sometimes a little assistance from resources is helpful.

As you begin this study, ask the Lord to speak to you. Perhaps you would like to echo the words of this hymn:

Speak O Lord
Lyrics here
by Keith and Kristyn Getty

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