Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Travel Light

Travel Light is my newest Bible study, and it's a whole new format! Read this post first, and then come back for a few more details.

Travel Light is a map through several books of the Bible, with suggested resources to enhance your journey. The goal of this study is not to do every page of the workbook, but to find your own pace.

Travel Light's pace through the Scriptures may be a little faster than other studies you have done. I scheduled this for several reasons. First of all, I want you to read in context—to read the text as it was written, rather than a verse or two at a time. Secondly, I want you to read and listen to the Word. I am not going to give you my thoughts on every verse, or point out every doctrinal detail. This is your journey. There is great value in slower reading plans and detailed explanations, but in Travel Light you will walk a little faster and gaze at wider horizons.

I chose several different genres of Scriptures: a gospel, a book of history, a few minor prophets, and an epistle. You will see that with a few resources, you can understand any book of the Bible. I pray that one of these genres will catch your attention and call you to study on your own.

If you are leading a group through this book, you'll need to check out the list of resource books in the appendix (see page 93-98). I use these resources as a rotating library with my group. Everyone takes a resource book home for a week (beginning in week three), and brings it back the next week to trade in for a different resource book. I chose books that would be accessible to new believers, yet also interesting to more mature believers. I buy “Like New” copies from sellers at to save a few dollars on resources. I tell my group that it's okay if they don't enjoy a book. The purpose of this study is to try several types of resources and see what fits your needs. Because of the lending library format, you will not need one of every resource for each student. So if you have fifteen in your group, you'll order three of each of the five resources. If you as a leader would like to introduce your students to a different resource book, you will just need to write a few guidelines for that book and insert them in each student's binder.

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