Monday, June 8, 2015

Just thought I'd Mention...

A few links on Monday morning

Tricia Lott Williford shares 4 Ways to Help Someone in Crisis. Tricia is a young widow. Her blog is the funniest, most touching blog ever. I appreciate the insights she shares in this post at Crosswalk.

Micha Boyett calls us to cultivate space in our ordinary miraculous lives. Micha is a mom of three who writes about faith on the midst of new challenges.

This recipe from the Whole 30 cookbook for bangers and mash is fabulous. I made the sausages twice--once as written, and once with ground turkey. My husband said that the turkey would need more fat in order to stick together, so I added some coconut oil. I have no idea how much. I was cooking like my Grandma cooked, using measurements like "some." I tripled the recipe so that we could have leftovers for breakfast.

My daughters and I have discovered Cake in a Mug. This gluten free grain free version is easy and yummy. It is not sugar free, nor is it Whole 30 compliant. And if I eat it every day, I am going to be shaped just like our cat.

Photo credit: Ruth Leamy, 2015 Marian the Cat

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