Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Seek Joy in 2015

I read Margaret Feinberg's book Fight Back with Joy during Christmas break. I meant to study it, to soak in its truth, and to allow it to direct my focus in a new direction.

But I got caught up in its pages--the joys and the trials and the truths. Margaret writes of her journey through cancer. She does a beautiful job of sharing her journey without making this an emotionally heavy book. I couldn't put the book down, and I finished it far too quickly.

I ordered the member book that can be used in discussion groups. I am reading it one day at a time, pacing myself so that I will hear the message and the biblical truth that Margaret shares. I am discussing this book on facebook with a few friends, to give myself a bit of accountability.

Margaret balances her story with biblical truth and humor. It is an enjoyable read, but it calls readers to evaluate our own lives and coping techniques. It urges us to lean on Jesus and let him plant his joy in us. This is a comforting yet compelling book.

Margaret also includes some down to earth advice on helping friends who are experiencing difficulties.

Margaret writes:
My prayer is that this book will be beacon for anyone searching for HOW to fight darkness.
My prayer is that this book will be a beacon for anyone ABOUT to face a battle.
My prayer is that this book will be a beacon for anyone IN the fight of their lives.
My prayer is that this book will be a beacon for anyone who has crawled THROUGH the trenches.

 Find this book on Amazon or Barnes & NobleBarnes & Noble. You can also purchase the 6-Session Bible Study Kit.

Hear Margaret introduce her study here:

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  1. This is what I'm struggling with right here right now. My Joy's been misplaced and I don't seem to be able to recapture it.