Sunday, March 2, 2014

Travel Light Connections: 3.4

After today, I won't be blogging on the fourth session of each chapter. This is your day to explore. Use the resource you were given in class (or check the appendix for ideas if you don't have a resource book). Don't forget that the appendix has details for each resource book.

It is very possible that you will not like one of the resource books. That's ok! This lending library format allows you to try several resources and see which ones fit you and which ones don't.

But I hope that if you meet with others to discuss the resources, you will stress the positive points. The book you don't enjoy might be your neighbor's favorite book. Don't discourage her from opening it.

I like to divide my classes into tables of four or five people, and towards the end of class we stop discussing as a group and talk just in our table groups. We share prayer requests and discuss the resource books. Sometimes I save one discussion question just for the table groups.

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