Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Travel Light: Class Discussion 7.0

When I led this day at my women's Bible study, I divided everyone into groups of four or five. I actually made the groups at the first week of study, so by this week everyone was pretty comfortable with the other women around their table. I brought an Ipod with a playlist of instrumental hymns (David Nevue), and played it softly through a set of speakers. Then I asked each group to quietly read Psalm 19 and choose several verses to pray at their table. Then each group read their fill in the blank prayers from the homework, sharing them only with the women at their table. I urged the women to be sensitive to each other and to realize that not everyone would want to read each of their prayers. The music in the background helped us not to listen in on other table's prayers, and also helped us relax a little. It was a very special time.

If you are reading this on your own, look back at your fill in the blank prayers. Take your time with them. Doodle around them, or write them in your journal. Talk to the Lord about what you have been reading in his word. 

As you read about Malachi on page 61, don't miss page 62. 

Read a little more about prayer on page 105.

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