Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Zechariah 2: The God Who Dwells with Us

The book of Zechariah is full of visions: glimpses of spiritual truth presented in pictures and given to the prophet Zechariah. Warren Wiersbe's book Be Heroic summed up the visions in Zechariah 2 by saying "God watches the nations...God judges the nations...and there is a glorious future planned for Jerusalem and the Jewish nation."

In the middle of all these prophecies about Jerusalem, one verse jumped out at me:

...I come, and I will dwell in your midst...Zechariah 2:10

The Creator of the world came to live as a human, to speak His words and share His love and give His life for us. I pray I never lose the wonder of this amazing truth.

I also noticed the phrase, "I will be the glory in her midst." (verse 5)

My prayer today:
You are the glory of Jerusalem
-the shining presence
-the most important detail
-the power
Are You my glory today?
Do You shine through me?
Show me how to put self aside and follow You.

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