Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Zechariah 1: The Word Who Speaks.

I'm on a journey through the book of Zechariah. Once a week, I meet with several friends to discuss this Old Testament book.

When I read Old Testament prophecy, I have a Big Picture viewpoint. I don't need to figure out the significance of every vision. I just want to see what each chapter tells me about God: who is He, how does He interact with His people, and are there any clues about the Messiah who would come in the New Testament.

In Zechariah 1, I saw that God spoke to His people. He shared His truth and His love with Zechariah, and expected Zechariah to share that message. In verse 13, I saw that God speaks gracious and comforting words. I am praying that each of us in this small discussion group will hear God's words of grace and comfort today.

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