Monday, October 15, 2012

Capturing a Moment

I wish I'd grabbed the camera. I am a terrible blogger. All the cool blogs have a photo with every post. I forget to take pictures, so I will just write words to capture this moment.

My eight year old ran outside this morning, her hair a tangled mess of curls, and her paisley skirt looking surprisingly cute with a leopard print shirt. She wore one shoe. The shoe was, of course, to help her stomp on a cockroach.

She jumped up and down on the doomed bug, and then leaned over to look at its splattered remains. Her blonde curls bounced in the warm autumn breeze.

She hummed and giggled and was just so completely herself.

This middle child is a blending of opposites. She is my most  feminine daughter--she loves the color pink, ribbons, tutus and baby dolls. Yet she loves to watch Lord of the Rings, fascinated by the battle scenes. She loves science and bugs and animals and she never turns away from the most gruesome photo in the science book of a lion devouring a zebra.

Several months ago I tried to start a conversation with her about heroes and people she admires and people she might want to emulate. "Why would I want to be like anyone else?" she asked, her blue eyes wide and puzzled.

Good question.

So today when I saw her jumping up and down humming and squishing a bug, I wanted to capture the moment, to show you my daughter just being herself. She's really good at it.

This is my post for On, In and Around Mondays.

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