Friday, December 18, 2009

What is Your Wilderness?

"Loneliness is a wilderness,
but through receiving it as a gift,
accepting it from the hand of God
and offering it back to Him with thanksgiving,
it may become a pathway to holiness,
to glory and to God Himself."
--Elisabeth Elliot

This quote on a page-a-day calendar spoke to me today, but I think the message is far bigger than the topic of loneliness. Any wilderness, if accepted from the hand of God, can be "a pathway to holiness, to glory and to God Himself."

What is your wilderness today? Sickness? Financial trouble? Stress? Pain? Grief? You may not be ready to see it as a gift, or to offer thanksgiving for it--perhaps you're still struggling towards acceptance.

My prayer today is that we will each look at our own personal wilderness and ask God to make a path through it, bringing us closer to Himself.

And while you pray, leave me a comment about your own wilderness.

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