Sunday, November 8, 2009

Book Review: Fearless, by Max Lucado

I’m tired of fear. It’s on the news in reports of swine flu. It lands in my e-mail box with ill-researched warnings of harmful products. It’s in my mind since a minor traffic accident. Reading Max Lucado’s book Fearless was a refreshing change! Max discusses thirteen common fears and reminds us that Jesus said “Fear not.” He shows us stories from Jesus’ life that can boost our faith and give us courage. He talks about living forgiven, living peacefully and living focused on Jesus.

The chapter on fears for our children reminded me that “our kids were His kids first,” and I also appreciated the chapter about worst-case scenarios (“There’s a Dragon in My Closet”). Towards the end of the book, Max uses the story of the Transfiguration to discuss the fear of God—the only healthy fear.

Fearless is definitely a faith-feeding book. It will stay on my nightstand for awhile; the next time anxiety and worry show up, I’ll reread a bit.

I recommend this book to anyone who is worried, discouraged or anxious. Discussion questions give it small-group possibility, but I think its strength is personal encouragement.

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