Thursday, September 3, 2009

Finer Things Friday: Albinoni and Quiet Time

Amy at Amysfinerthings hosts Finer Things Friday. This week her "Finer Thing" is Sleep. I understand. Sleep is precious and vital when you have small children in the house.

At our house we have a Quiet Time every afternoon. The girls all have a Quiet Time Place where each of them is alone. My seven year old makes paper crafts with quantities of tape, my five year old looks at books and hums to her toys (and still falls asleep most days), and my three year old cuddles up with her doll and takes a nap. I read or write or exercise or sleep.

My children prefer to sleep with music and in the afternoon Mama chooses the music. It has to be just the right music that will allow me to nap if I need to, won't keep the kids awake, but won't put me to sleep if I'm trying to get something accomplished. I found something perfect: this Albinoni Adagios CD. The Baroque style is refreshing and helps me focus if I'm writing, but it does not keep any of us awake if we desire to nap. It's truly a Finer Thing.



  1. That sounds so very peaceful. Good for you instilling love for quiet time, even for your older children. Thanks for joining in FTF!

  2. A quiet time very day is a great idea for little ones. I love the idea of the music, too. I remember those days when my children were young. Quiet times and naps were essential to me getting anything done with work or around the house.