Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Travel Light Connections: 3.0

Welcome to a Minor Prophet! Let me tell you a secret about the Minor Prophets. Everyone seems to think they are scary. They are rather full of doom and gloom. Yet hidden inside each book, if you will take the time to read it, is a call to repent. God is calling his people to come back to him before the judgment comes. He longs for them to return to him. He loves them deeply, no matter how they have sinned.

As I taught the worksheet for this lesson, I used just a few notes from my ESV study Bible to introduce Zephaniah. I wanted the women in class to know that with just one or two resources, they could dive into any book of the Bible. (Even a Minor Prophet!) So instead of putting together a detailed outline and sharing lots of information about Zephaniah, I kept it simple. I wanted the focus to be on God's word and the fact that you can read it. As class went on, I kept this simple habit. I made a few personal comments and applications on the worksheet each week, but I really tried to use the resources in class. Sometimes I would have a friend read a few verses, and then I would read the notes on those verses, so that the lesson became a simple conversation between the Bible and a resource. The Life Application Study Bible is especially good for this.

Don't miss the Appendix today! On page 93 the notes on the Travel Guides begin. It is so important that everyone knows these notes are here. Some of the resource books (travel guides) are heavy, and overwhelming if you don't realize that you will only read a few pages in them this week.

I am blogging through my Travel Light book. This Bible study is available to you and your Bible study group.The book is a map through the Scriptures to help you find your pace in God's Word. 
These little blogposts are not part of the book--they are just my way of connecting with anyone studying the book.


  1. Finishing week three has been an overflowing delight . . . slowly strolling through the Psalms . . . hearing the voice of one whose heart is breaking for the message he must deliver and yet there is hope - the Father always extends His hand/heart in hope. Then another snapshot of Jesus making that hope even more visible!

    1. I love the way you put that! The Father always extends His hand and heart in hope. Beautiful.