Thursday, February 20, 2014

Travel Light Connections: 2.0 Class Discussion

If you are working through this at home, it's pretty self-explanatory today. Just follow the worksheet.

If you are leading a group through this material, don't miss the prayer verses. At the top of page 18, I refer you to the previous day's assignment. At the top of page 17, every person should have a verse from Psalm 139 written down. When I have my groups do this, I ask them to each read their verse, with no comments in between. This is our prayer time. Reading these verses aloud is our way of praying the scriptures back to the Lord. I ask the ladies to be aware of each other, to notice if the person next to them is shaking her head gently (to say, "Oops! I didn't get a verse ready this week!") and just move on through the group. We don't stop in the middle to ask what version someone is using, or to say, "Hey! That was my verse too!" It takes a couple weeks to get this habit established, but once it is begun, we love it. We treasure this prayer time--just our voices and God's word.

Now, moving on through the worksheet:

The story of Josiah was interesting to me. He followed God's way for several years before God's Word was found. This tells me that he was trying to follow God by depending on the advice of others. He hadn't yet read or heard the Word for himself.  And when he did hear it, he realized he had some adjustments to make. He wisely sought a professional to further interpret the Scriptures.

These actions are my goal for you. I pray that you will read the Word for yourself,  and find God's message to you. And next week you will try out a resource book from a professional, to further open God's word to you.

Don't miss the Online Resources on page 97.

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