Saturday, January 18, 2014

Travel Light Connections: 1.4

Did you notice the four Bible study methods you used this week? (see page 16 in the workbook)

Reading in context
Beginning with prayer
Character study
Praying scripture

Which method do you find most interesting or useful?

If you are studying with a group, don't miss the assignment at the top of page 17. Please write your favorite verse from Psalm 139 right there in the space provided.

What is your viewpoint on Esther? When I say "viewpoint" I don't mean the main message of the book. I mean what stood out to you? What encouraged you or urged you to action?

I hope you caught the adventure of the book of Esther. I hope that you have a sense of accomplishment (you read a whole book!) and that you have glimpsed the excitement of reading God's word.

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