Sunday, November 17, 2013

Zechariah 6: The Priest-King

Today I'm sharing my response to this chapter--my prayer after I read it.

Dear Lord,
I don't understand all the symbols in this chapter. 
But I can see that 
You are aware of everything that happens on the earth,
You have a plan for the future,
You are the King,
and You sent Your Son to be both Priest and King.
Jesus is not only the One who Represents us and Forgives Sin (the Priest),
but also the King of Heaven and Earth,
the glorious Sovereign who commands my worship.
(I'm sure this was confusing to the Jewish people who read this book--
the Priest and the King were totally different people, never the same.)
thank You for Your Word.
Thank You that much of it is far more understandable than the Minor Prophets,
and thank You that even within these prophecies,
I see Your love and care for Your people.

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