Friday, December 28, 2012

Fourth Week of Advent: God speaks to Unique People

Last Sunday was the Fourth Sunday of Advent. I meant to blog on Sunday, but Sunday blended into Monday, which was Christmas Eve, and suddenly it was Christmas, and now it's Christmas break...and I've just been enjoying the season--the time of the year and my situation of life.

We have young children, young enough to find Christmas exciting, but not so young that they wake us up at 6 in the morning. We were surprised to see a few snowflakes on the 26th, and all the children were able to put on their own warm clothing and rush outside, while I went back to bed. I like this stage of life. I liked the stage with cuddly little babies, and I'm sure I'll find things to love about whatever comes around the next calendar page, but for now, I am content.

And so, earlier this week, I wasn't blogging. I was enjoying just being me right here and right now. And that is what the Fourth Candle says to me, because Fourth Candle stands for John the Baptist.

John the Baptist lived a unique life, focused on God's calling. He didn't call others to live as he did, he just pointed them to Jesus. He looked odd, ate a limited diet, and lived in a remote location. I considered calling this post "God speaks to people who are weird"  because John the Baptist seems to be kind of a strange man, and I'm sure we can all identify with being a little odd in some way or another.

I chose the word "unique" instead, because what I see and admire most in John's life is that he was himself--the himself that God called him to be.

That is the message of the Fourth Candle. Be you. Be the you that God created you to be, in the place where God has placed you today.

Advent is all about God's Word--and now that you've heard it, He calls you to live it, in your own words and actions.

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