Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Advent, Week Three: People who say "Yes"

It's the Third Week of Advent! Christmas is right around the corner and I can't figure out how the weeks have slipped away so quickly. Yesterday I gave in to the season and finished my shopping. I'm always in denial for awhile about how close Christmas is.

On this Third Week of Advent, I am thinking about Mary. I often think of her huge "Yes!" to God, and today I am applying that to all the little events that require a "yes." My days are not filled with huge life-altering announcements from angels, but there are little things that interrupt my plans. Today my hot water tank is leaking. I think while I am talking with my rental agency I really should mention the dripping bathroom faucet--and that will require some cleaning in the master bath. I am rather blind to clutter at times, and the bathroom counter is full of makeup and jewelry cleaner and essential oils.

Advent reminds me that God speaks to me. Mary reminds me that I should answer.

photo credit: Jorbasa via photopin cc

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  1. Hi Ruthie
    Nice to meet you at Tanya's! I wonder if you are describing my bathroom counter! ! Yes, the way one deals with the unwelcome everyday hiccups like bathroom clutter is such a good way to know your heart!
    Much love