Thursday, July 1, 2010

Praise the Mighty God!

These are the verses from Psalms that follow the segment of Praise Patterns I posted yesterday. (Praise Patterns is written in a four-days-a-week format. The first three days end with Psalms and the fourth day ends with a New Testament benediction.) This is from Chapter Two, Day One. The chapter's title is "The Mighty God."

Shout joyfully to God, all the earth!
Sing the glory of His name; make His praise glorious.
Say to God, “How awe-inspiring are Your works!
Your enemies will cringe before You because of Your great strength.
All the earth will worship You and sing praise to You.
They will sing praise to Your name.”
Come and see the works of God; His acts toward mankind are awe-inspiring.
He turned the sea into dry land, and they crossed the river on foot.
There we rejoiced in Him.
He rules forever by His might; He keeps His eye on the nations.
The rebellious should not exalt themselves. Selah.*
Praise our God, you peoples; let the sound of His praise be heard.
He keeps us alive and does not allow our feet to slip.
(Psalm 66:1-9)

*“Selah” means “pause and think about this.”

O Mighty One, You are powerful and personal. You keep the stars in place yet You listen to my whispers. I praise You, glorious loving God.

Praise Patterns will be available for purchase in about a month.

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  1. "Come and see the works of God; His acts toward mankind are awe-inspiring."

    I love that you truly can see the works of God.