Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Praising through the Bible

I'm reading through the Epistles to get a little preview of what my reading routine will be when I read through the Bible in 90 days. Today I read Romans 15-I Corinthians 14. As I read I looked for reasons to praise God.

O Savior Jesus Christ,
Power and Wisdom of God,
I praise and thank You
for clothing me with Yourself
and Your armor of light.
You have made me a temple for Your Spirit
filling me with Your power
and Your overflowing hope.
Thank You that Your kingdom is not
a collection of inspiring words
but a powerful force.
Empower me today, Lord,
to follow Your way of love and peace.

(I Cor. 1:24, Rom. 13:14, Rom. 13:12, I Cor. 3:16, Rom. 15:13, I Cor. 4:20, I Cor. 14:1, Rom. 14:19)

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