Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Woman's Heart That Dances

A Woman's Heart That Dances compares the Christian life to a dance with the perfect Partner. Author Catherine Martin blends biblical encouragement, role models from Scripture, and examples in the lives of contemporary women. The book glows with her love of dance and passion for Jesus. I know very little about dance, but Catherine's descriptions are clear and compelling as she shares her experiences as both a dancer and a Christian. She talks of accepting Jesus' invitation to dance, leaning into His embrace and following His lead. Catherine offers practical advice such as “Don't be afraid to say no to some good things in your life in order to say yes to the best—time with your Lord” and “Always remember that your devotion to the Lord is a dance with Him, not an academic acquiring of facts.” I especially appreciated the chapter titled “Steps,” describing the spiritual steps we all have in common, as well as the individuality of each person's dance with Jesus. I recommend this book to new believers and experienced Christians who are seeking refreshment and new passion for the Lord.

Download a free chapter here.



  1. I like it, very straight forward yet passionate. I would buy the book based on the review. :-)

  2. I edited a bit and I think I'll e-mail this to Harvest House tonight.