Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finer Things Friday: Pottery Mug

Coffee and tea are definitely some of life's finer things. Drinking a hot beverage from a handmade pottery mug is even finer. We look for pottery mugs when we travel, and I order one from etsy now and then. One of my favorite sellers is Sunrise Mountain, maker of the mug shown here. We never buy more than one of a particular mug, preferring to have an eclectic collection. I love to linger over my tea upstairs, looking over the palm trees at the mountains on a sunny morning.

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The photo is from Sunrise Mountain's etsy store.


  1. What a great idea. We've always bought mugs in sets. But occasionally receive odd ones as gifts, so do have a selection. I think that's a great idea to only buy them singly though.

  2. That's a lovely mug! We also like an eclectic collection (and have one! :)

  3. My mom has two pottery mugs. They are my favorite to use when we visit. I definitely want to start my own collection!

  4. I collected several mugs in my 8 year teaching tenure, but never a beautiful pottery mug like that one!

  5. Love the mugs, I am so checking it out.