Thursday, August 27, 2009

Detectives on TV this week

I always like to check out the Mystery programs on PBS on Sunday nights. Last Sunday I watched Inspector Lewis and I found it entertaining. There were a few gruesome details, but I reminded myself that it was, after all, a murder mystery. The friendship and working relationship between Inspector Lewis and his sargeant was convincing and amusing. I always find that British cop shows have more dialog and fewer crime-solving gadgets than American shows. Perhaps that's why I enjoy them so much more.

Meanwhile, on American television, I was happy to catch an rerun of Castle, and even happier to hear that it's returning this fall. I appreciate the two main characters in Castle--the writers give them both strong personalities and snappy lines. This is an improvement over shows like Mentalist, where one lead is strong but the other just isn't given much of a personality.

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  1. Hello Ruth! I noticed that you became a follower of my blog today. thank you!

    You and i have something in common - british tv...i've seen all the inspector lynleys, midsommer murders, miss marples, etc.

    one that i'd highly recommend at the moment is blue murder - a woman detective balancing her job and raising her 4 kids. i love netflix :)